Casting and Audition Details

The Dream of the Songstress – Short Film

15 minutes

Shoot Dates: 25 May – 31 May 2017

Rehearsal Dates: TBC

Location: The Shoot will take place mainly in Avalon, with some filming in Melbournne.

Catering is provided on location.

Unpaid but credited for performance in film, marketing and publicity.

A Victorian College of the Arts – Master of Fine Arts (Film & TV) project.


Round 2 – Geelong Auditions:  Tuesday 18 April 2017

The second round of auditions will held in Geelong. Please email to register for an audition. Janise will book in a time with you and provide venue details.

For any enquires please contact: Janise 0422 549 461


Generally, all the characters have a distant quality about them. Loners who don’t fit into social environments. Meek. Reserved.

Hannah (35-40)

The community dogsbody. Discerning with a touch of irony. She is the stories narrator, it is important that there is a likability about her. Captivating. She has a unique and interesting sounding voice.

Nettie (65-75)

The current Songstress. Quietly self confident. Proud and determined. Shares a warm yet distant relationship with Grimaldi. Definitely not your cuddly nanna – homebody type.

Yulov (18-25)

New Songstress. Depressed and unsure. Attempts suicide several times. Even so, there is still hope sparkling in her eyes. A beautiful smile that is finally revealed in the final scene.

Boss Lady (50)

Community Head. Militant with an aggressive persona. She doesn’t walk, she stomps heavily. A constant frown on her face.

Assistant (40)

Assistant to Boss Lady. A goody-goody two shoes. Try-hard. Nerdy. Nervous.

Screaming Lady (50)

A good screamer.

Grimaldi (65-80)

The current organ player. A principled man who has come to terms with the end of his life. A caring gentleman with kind eyes.

Fatty (20-25)

The new organ player. Bewildered and intrigued with the world. Honest looking and unsure of himself.