9. Overview of shoot – Pt. 1

The shoot was scheduled to be shot over five days in three locations;

Day One; Montsulvat (9am – 5pm)

Day Two: Robin Boyd House (10am – 9pm)

Day three: Melbourne University Carpark (8am – 1pm)

Day Four: Montsulvat (9am – 5pm)

Day Five: Montsulvat (9pm – 12am)



Robin Boyd House

Robin Boyd House

Melbourne University Carpark

Melbourne University Carpark


As already blogged, Day One was canceled due to a cast member pulling out the night before.

DAY TWO – Robin Boyd House

Restrictions on the location meant that we weren’t able to shift the filming dates.

A stunning location, but as it turned out, the large windows that are one of the main features of the property caused lots of problems with reflections and lighting.

By wrap we filmed all but two small scenes.

DAY THREE – Melbourne University Carpark

The Art department arrived early to dress the set. It was a large space to fill and with limited resources, we focused on a small section. Whether this will work in the final film or appear to be only partially dressed is an issue that I am keeping an eye on. The other major problem are the car space lines that I hope I can find a SFX person to paint out.

By wrap we completed all the scheduled scenes.

DAY FOUR – Montsalvat

Given that we were already down a day at this location and with no idea if or when we could come back to pick up the cancelled day, we worked fast in an attempt to shoot two days in one. Unfortunately, bright sun and a short storm caused headaches for both Dave (DOP) and Basil (Sound Recordist). This slowed down proceedings.

By wrap we managed to shoot the day’s schedule and pick up a couple of shots from Day One.

* * *

Although we managed to shoot some scenes from the day we cancelled, production is ostensibly still down one day. Before rescheduling a pick up day, the plan is for Dave and me to work through a rough edit to ascertain exactly what shots we do require to make the film work.