7. Catch Up

My apologies for not being more regular with my posts. The organization required for any film is time consuming and without a full crew this aspect of production demanded all of my attention, leaving no chance for a detailed blog entry.

TWO WEEKS out of production a change in producers resulted in pushing back the start date. This change effected two actors who were forced to pull out due to previous commitments. While the casting process got back underway a filming location imposed a restriction that called for a last minute major script re-write (see in following post). This had a large impact on the story and called for a whole new location to be sourced and locked in.

FOUR DAYS out of production, it became clear that I needed to hire a van to pick up the equipment. As it turned out, I also used it to pick up props and set dressings that were hired from the Melbourne Theatre Company, carry around unit gear which included chairs, an esky, slabs of water and bags of food. By the time the lighting and grip gear was packed in, the one tonne van was chock-a-block.

THREE DAYS before shooting was due to commence a second time, the two roles we were trying to recast still hadn’t been filled. This made it necessary for another reschedule to give us another days grace.

TWO DAYS prior to filming we discovered the Deakin University wardrobe store. Not only were we able to find most of the cast wardrobe there, we also stumbled across several suit jackets made out of paper. We found these rather interesting and decided to use them for Angela and the other ‘Dead’ characters. With a little designing we managed to transform the jackets into a clown suit. It was a risky choice, but I think that it brings a level of absurdity to the film and should help contribute to the overall aesthetic.


DAY ONE was all set to go with the two actors we did have on board, but when one of them pulled out the night before our first day of shooting was cancelled. Instead of filming that day, we worked to pull a cast together. By four o’clock we still hadn’t been able to replace any of the actors. By five o’cock we were fully cast and filming commenced the following day.