10. The Rough Edit

As we all thought, the scenes shot in the Boyd House all came up looking great. The minimalistic architecture helped support the minimalistic approach to story. It also provided a eye-pleasing aesthetic that will undeniably contribute a quality to the finished film.

Int. Boyd House - Janie (Graded)

Int. Boyd House – Janie (Graded)

One particular shot (below) – a close up of Angela reciting the six steps directly to camera we decided was shot (or framed up to be more precise) in a conventional manner (balanced) and we decided to reshoot it.

Close Up Angela (Ungraded)

Close Up Angela (Ungraded)

The scenes shot in the underground carpark at Melbourne University came up as expected – a failed attempt at trying to dress a car park with candles to make it look like something completely different. I am being harsh and I know that with some extra  (colour) grading we would have gotten away with a lot, but even so, for me, it would still look like a car park with candles in it. In one way it was fortunate that we needed to return to the car park to shoot a scene that was shot without Angela’s continuity suit case. So we needed to go back to re shoot. Given that the time to set up with lighting etc would take 2 – 3 hours and the actual shooting of the scenes was relatively much shorter, it was feasible to reshoot more than the one scene required. So we decided to re-think the overall design of the car park and reshoot all the scenes.

Int. Zone Scene - Underground car park (Graded)

Int. Zone Scene – Underground car park (Graded)

The scenes at Montsalvat worked well. The large church scene was completed – so was the singing scene between Angela and Janie. The main scene that we didn’t get was the arrival – so there was no choice but to go back.

Int. Church - Montsalvat (Graded)

Int. Church – Montsalvat (Graded)

The final rough edit – even though there were many gaps from scenes that we still had to shoot – we were able to get a fair idea of the tone and style of the movie. Everything was on track, although it also revealed that the church scene revolved around an event that wasn’t scripted – the death or the transitioning of Margaret’s husband, Frank. All of a sudden it made sense that we see Frank being led towards the light. It made sense that we first establish the Frank character early at the Montsalvat location. Given that we hadn’t yet shot Angela’s arrival, this was the perfect scene to put him into.This prompted another rewrite. And from this new draft, a second unit reshoot was scheduled.