Project Details

The Dream of the Songstress is the creative component to a Masters of Arts (Film and Television) research degree that questions the relevance of the transcendental style in film to my own practice.

The transcendental style in film is a often over-looked style of cinema that was first written about by Paul Schrader in his booked titled, The Transcendental Style in Film. In his book, Schrader argues that some filmmakers utilise certain cinematic conventions that evoke a sense of ‘religiousness’ in the work. The filmmakers that Schrader claims are explemary of the style are Robert Bresson, Yasujirō Ozu and Carl Dreyer.

My interest in the transcendental style came about after watching my first Bresson film, A Man Escaped. While the film was difficult to sit through, it was a mysteriousness in the work that I wanted to learn more about. This led me to Schrader’s book and now to a MFA to explore the cinematic techniques and to bring them to other filmmakers or anybody interested.